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HAProxy Technologies, Inc.

Performance and quality of service for critical business application platforms

Since its inception, HAProxy has offered a full line of load balancers to improve performance, guarantee quality of service and ensure the availability of critical business applications, by dynamically balancing flows and queries on the company’s various servers.

Reliability, performance and a full feature set at an affordable price

Developed using HAProxy open source load balancing software, HAProxy solutions are known for their processing performance, reliability and wealth of features. Offered at more affordable prices than other commercial solutions, they cover 100% of the needs of 95% of companies and are easy to roll out and to administer.

Proximity and responsiveness of a France-based vendor

Headquartered in Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines, France), most of its teams (including R&D and technical support) are based in France.

HAProxy has customers in the banking, retail groups, energy and e-commerce industries and the public sector. HAProxy solutions are also used by many hosting providers.

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