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Professional Services

HAProxy offers its customers and partners a wide range of consulting, support, technical assistance, roll out and training services to help them get the most out of its application load balancing solutions.

Maintenance and support

HAProxy's customer service department is available weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (CET) to answer your questions before or after you buy.
Support, update and assistance terms and conditions vary by product. Response times vary by type of request, contract taken out and/or the incident’s level of severity.

Consulting and expertise

In addition to services offered by our partners, our experts are available to help and advise you on the best way to implement HAProxy solutions, as well as to optimize your IT architectures and platforms.


HAProxy has designed training sessions to increase their customers’ or partners’ knowledge of the ALOHA or HAProxy Enterprise Edition load balancer’s functions, so that they can maximize use of the load balancer based on the needs and specific characteristics of each infrastructure.

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