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Application Security

HAProxy application load balancing solutions help organizations secure their Web services and applications: protection again denial-of-service attacks, data leaks due to exploited vulnerabilities and navigation filtering. They offer end-to-end traceability of user actions.

Protection against denial-of-service attacks (DoS, DDoS)

Using continual query protocol validation checks, HAProxy load balancers secure applications against malicious attacks and ensure the continuity of the application flow chain. In concrete terms, the balancer “steps in” between the servers and the perpetrators of denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks: it holds and slows down malicious queries while sending a server error message to simulate a successful attack.

Protection against data leaks

To prevent anyone from exploiting Web server vulnerabilities, for example, query headers and responses can be masked, filtered or rewritten. This function also prevents accidental leaks of information outside the information system.

Navigation filtering

In addition to header filtering, the application load balancer also filters IPs and URLs to determine the addresses of attack perpetrators. It can thus automatically create or modify its own filtering rules to block the attack.

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