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Management of IPv4/IPv6 Coexistence

HAProxy load balancers natively manage IPv4 and IPv6 flows from end-to-end. They also provide an IPv6 to IPv4 gateway to enable organizations to gradually migrate their entire IT infrastructure and legacy applications to IPv6.

IPv6 to IPv4 address translation

With a load balancing solution that can translate addresses from IPv6 to IPv4, organizations are able to offer a service with a public IPv6 address, while still using IPv4 on their internal application servers.
The IPv6 to IPv4 gateway can even be placed in front of the load balancers, which do not support IPv6 natively.

Gradual migration to IPv6

Using the IPv4/IPv6 bilateral address translation feature, organizations can gradually replace their IPv4-only compatible hardware and software with new hardware and software that support IPv6.

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