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Application Performance and Quality of Service

For online applications and services, slower response time is synonymous with user dissatisfaction, a decrease in teams’ productivity and even a drop in corporate turnover. By dynamically routing traffic to servers, HAProxy application load balancing solutions help improve quality of service and the user experience.

Response time optimization

HAProxy load balancers handle various features that take up too much space in the servers’ memory and slow down their processing time: queue management, buffers, logs, etc. These features help dynamically balance the load between the servers, accelerating query processing and therefore optimizing user response time.

Application optimization

By analyzing the contents of each query, traffic flows are directed to various servers based on type and requested content (content switching). Each server can be assigned a specific processing function: specialized, each server is more efficient.

Application monitoring

Beyond optimizing the server farm’s performance, HAProxy application delivery controllers also play a preventive role: logs that are accurate to the millisecond can be used to quickly identify performance issues and/or signs of malfunction, helping to locate weak points and crash risks. Additionally, built-in diagnostic tools help find the causes of application crashes, to facilitate the work of operation teams.

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