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Software Solutions for Business Continuity and Quality of Service

HAProxy has developed a complete line of load balancing solutions to improve performance, guarantee quality of service and ensure the availability of critical business applications.

For any organization that uses or provides Web services or applications

HAProxy load balancing products are designed to meet the needs of:

  • Organizations that have online applications or services, hosted within their own information system: e-commerce, online banking and insurance, telecommunications, e-administration, media, etc.
  • Technical platform suppliers: PaaS (Cloud) hosting providers and providers, SaaS and IaaS solution providers, etc.

To meet a wide range of needs

HAProxy solutions balance the load using predefined algorithms and/or intelligent features that are able to take into account the content of each query.

Automatic balancing of flows and queries on various servers helps solve many problems IT departments face:

Available at an affordable price, HAProxy load balancers keep organizations from having to invest in costly solutions for enhancing and securing the application infrastructure.

See platforms and applications supported by HAProxy load balancing solutions

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