Software Load Balancer &
Application Delivery Controller

HAProxy Enterprise combines HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used open source software load balancer and application delivery controller, with enterprise class features, services and premium support.

HAProxy Enterprise is a powerful product tailored to the goals, requirements and infrastructure of modern enterprises.

HAProxy Enterprise

Annual Subscription Includes:

HAProxy Enterprise Application Delivery Controller

HAProxy Community

(Stable Branch)

Backported Features

(From Development Branch)
Cloud Native Logging, Random based load balancing, Large Object Caching, Priority based server queues

Module Support

Enterprise Suite

Specialized Tools and Scripts

Configuration API (CLI and REST) 
Real Time Dashboard
Stick Table Aggregator

High Performance Modules

Update | Antibot | Sanitize
Fingerprint | Web Application Firewall | Google reCAPTCHA v2 | Geolocation | Response Body Injection | Device Detection

Supported & Optimized Third Party Software

Route Health Injection (RHI) 

Technical Support

HAProxy Enterprise Business

(Business Hours)

HAProxy Enterprise Premium

(Available 24/7)

Main Features of HAProxy Enterprise

Load Balancing

  • Comprehensive LB Methods

    Round robin, URI, IP address, and other hashing methods supported for routing requests. These methods are overridable with cookies and stick tables to provide session persistence.
  • Advanced Routing Decisions

    Sends requests to specific backends based on URL (or parts thereof), domain name, file extension, client IP address, health state of backends, number of active backend connections, SSL client certificate state, etc.
  • Stickiness/Persistence
    Maintains users’ sessions based on TCP/IP information (client IP, port or TCP payload) or any property of the HTTP request (cookies, headers, URI, etc.).
  • Extensive ACL System
    Make advanced decisions based on any TCP/IP information or HTTP attribute with full logical operator support.
  • LUA Scripting Support
    Allows LUA scripts to provide information to ACL’s or generate and send responses.

High Availability

  • Advanced Health Checks

    Active and passive health checks give flexibility when it comes to monitoring the status of your backend servers. You can also deploy Agent software to remotely push state changes to HAProxy from your monitored servers.
  • Slow Start

    Slowly increases the rate of new sessions sent to a backend when it comes up instead of sending the normal weight all at once.
  • Slow Stop

    Stops sending new requests to a backend, but still allows sticky sessions to continue to use that backend.
  • Traffic Overload Protection

    Limits the maximum number of connections assigned to backends, either sending them to other backends or queuing the requests in HAProxy if that limit is reached.
  • Hitless Reloads

    Reloads of HAProxy do not lose any connections for upgrades or changes to the configuration.
  • Route Health Injection (RHI)

    An optimized version of a third party software that allows for the control of routing protocol announcements based on the health of the network and the HAProxy service for active/active clustering.
  • VRRP

    Optimized version of the keepalived daemon for active/passive clustering.

Application Acceleration

  • High Performance SSL/TLS

    Terminates SSL/TLS on the HAProxy server, optionally establishing an SSL/TLS connection to the backend server.
  • Advanced SSL Algorithm Selection

    Automatically picks the optimal certificate for a given client out of ECC and RSA.
  • HTTP/2 Support

    Support for end-to-end communication via the HTTP/2 protocol.
  • gRPC

    Capable of routing and load balancing gRPC calls between services, taking advantage of its efficient, binary serialization.
  • Multithreading

    Splits processing across multiple threads while sharing the same memory space.
  • Object Caching

    Object caching is a handy feature for web application acceleration. Its main objective is to offload some of static content delivery from the application servers so they can perform their primary duty – delivering the application.
  • Connection Pooling

    Reuse idle connections between HAProxy and backend servers to save time.
  • Compression

    Compresses HTTP responses from backends before passing the response on to the client.
  • Geolocation Support

    Allows for loading geolocation databases from multiple vendors into HAProxy for advanced request handling, routing, and for passing the information on to the application servers. Provides live updating of geolocation databases from a central location.
  • Device Detection

    Gets information about a client by passing the user-agent string to one of HAProxy’s supported device detection databases.


  • Reverse Proxy
    Proxies all traffic from the internet to your backends through HAProxy in order to ensure all open services are intended and requests logged.
  • HTTP Validation
    Validates that requests comply with the protocol specifications before sending them on to backend servers.
  • Advanced Application-based DDoS Protection
    Blocks requests from clients based on multiple metrics and arbitrary criteria, over a configurable time window.
  • Anomalous Behavior Protection
    Combines multiple metrics about a client’s behavior into information for backends or to make routing/access decisions.
  • Dynamic ACL Updates
    Updates ACL, Map, or TLS ticket key files in memory normally loaded from disk during HAProxy startup during runtime.
  • Traffic Filtering
    Uses ACLs to detect any condition in HTTP(S) traffic and route or block the request as desired.
  • Antibot Module
    Sends JavaScript challenges to requests selected by ACL rules.
  • reCAPTCHA v2
    Support for presenting clients who have exhibited anomalous traffic patterns with a Google reCAPTCHA v2 challenge.
  • Sanitize Module
    Filters and verifies that HTTP header names and contents comply specifically with the HTTP specification.
  • Fingerprint Module
    Generate a unique identifier based on a client request.
  • Web Application Firewall
    High performance WAF that supports multiple modes including blacklist based signature support, whitelist only mode, and ModSecurity ruleset support.


  • Runtime API

    Gives the ability to programmatically pull data from or make changes to HAProxy during runtime such as:

    • Pulling statistics for graphing or monitoring for multiple tools
    • Enabling/Disabling backends for maintenance without reloading
    • Changing backend IP’s/ports/weights
    • Updating ACL, Map, or TLS ticket key files
  • DNS for Service Discovery
    Dynamically scales the number of backend servers by querying the service registry over DNS. Maintains the IP address, port, and weight of the servers within HAProxy.
  • Server Templates
    Enables the provisioning of multiple backend servers with a single server line to be filled in during runtime.
  • Extensive Logging
    Logs information about requests, supporting both syslog and cloud native logging; including http request information, reasons why the
    request failed to complete, request timing, and custom fields.
  • Update Module (LB and TLS)
    Updates maps, ACLs and TLS ticket key files in memory automatically during runtime from any HTTP(S) server.
  • Real Time Dashboard
    Provides a view of your services’ health, rates, and load along with aggregation of stats across multiple instances. In addition, it facilitates administrative tasks such as enabling, disabling and draining backends.
  • Configuration API (CLI and REST)
    Gives the ability to programmatically add, modify, or remove sections of your configuration over the command line or HTTP and keep services separated with multi tenancy support.
  • Stick Table Aggregator
    Provides realtime aggregated values from stick tables across multiple processes or servers in a cluster which allows for realtime cluster-wide tracking.
  • SSO Module
    Enables the implementation of SSO (Single Sign On) on a Microsoft Active Directory domain.


  • Authoritative
    The team which is authoritative on HAProxy
  • Knowledgeable
    No need to worry about searching documentation again
  • Proactive
    Proactive team will identify and resolve your issues before you even notice them
  • Fast Updates
    You will receive updates faster
  • Always Available
    Premium 24/7 support available
  • Distribution Support
    HAProxy compiles easily as well as integrates with the package manager in standard operating systems. Supported out of the box: CentOS 6/7, Debian GNU 7/8, Red Hat 6/7, Ubuntu 14.04/16.04.

Why Choose HAProxy Enterprise?

Robust and cutting-edge code base

HAProxy Enterprise combines the best of HAProxy Community stable and development versions. It provides a robust, reliable code base plus the latest cutting-edge features.

Enterprise Suite

Administration and security focused modules, tools and scripts.


HAProxy Enterprise runs in all environments, from bare metal, containers and virtual servers to onpremise data centers or public/private clouds. It integrates with popular DevOps and service discovery

Reliable Performance

Proven reliability since 2000 and extreme performance based on innovative code optimizations.

Advanced Security

Through mitigating attacks for top sites in the world, our powerful DDoS and anomalous behavior detection engine was born and constantly improves.

Extensible Features

Robust core code allows for the native delivery of a wealth of features based on powerful configuration language.


Full 24×7 support and 5-year maintenance guarantee for HAProxy Enterprise Premium customers.


Team of experts including the HAProxy core development team for incident response and complex troubleshooting.


Trusted by many of the top websites and cloud providers in the world.

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