Who is using HAProxy?

Solutions to secure, optimize and speed up your network and application flows

Open Source

HAProxy as you know and love it. Always free and open with ever improving capabilities, it forms the foundation of our technology and is our heart and soul.

Use it now and forever and build your own load balancers however you like, for first-class performance and stability.

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Enterprise Edition

Enterprises want more support and efficiency, seamless updates and integration, and flawless stability. The ability to deploy-and-forget is invaluable for mission-critical services.

Our extensive experience in these environments allows us to offer the best load balancing solution to power all generations of Internet services.

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Load Balancer

Targeted at businesses of all sizes, this highly optimized and integrated solution is a turn-key appliance for easy and hassle-free load balancing.

Faster, more efficient and more affordable than building a commodity server into a load balancer, ALOHA is our pride and joy.

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