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Application Infrastructure Optimization

Thanks to its intelligent traffic routing functions, setting up an application load balancer helps organizations maintain or even reduce the number of servers while improving online services’ and applications’ performance and availability.

Better use of servers’ total available power

Application load balancers can capitalize on legacy IT equipment. By determining the optimum connection threshold for each server, the load balancer helps them run at full capacity, without the risk of reduced quality of service, regardless of the load. Additionally, intelligent flow routing based on type and requested content (“content switching”) means each server can be assigned a specific function, for increased processing efficiency.

Decrease in power consumption

By optimizing the legacy infrastructure’s performance, intelligent traffic routing eliminates or reduces the need for new servers to absorb increases or spikes in activity.

When servers are replaced, they can be replaced with lighter machines. In both cases, the application load balancer reduces the infrastructure’s overall power consumption.

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